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Sea Salt Caramel


Our handcrafted caramel boasts a silken mouthfeel and a robust, whole-milk butter finish. Baja Gold mineral Sea Salt atop the dark chocolate shell intensifies the flavors naturally present in the caramel, while adding a unique (and healthy!) touch.

Peanut Butter Cups


A timeless classic. Our peanut butter cup has been thoughtfully assembled with the highest quality organic crunchy peanut butter for the best possible eating experience.

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Almonds in Dark Chocolate

What’s as timeless and undeniably traditional as almonds in dark chocolate? Don’t let its simplistic profile fool you, the complexity of our chocolate really shines through here and pairs excellently with almonds.

Pecan Praline

Pralines are a southern specialty, so we really took our time in crafting an exquisite recipe. Pecans and caramelized sugars integrated with chocolate offer up an unfailingly elegant flavor.

Pecan Praline
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Raspberry Ganache


The timeless amalgam of dark chocolate and fresh creme gets a modern spin with the inclusion of our handmade raspberry reduction.

Espresso Ganache


Local coffee experts “Land of a Thousand Hills” lend their skillfully roasted espresso beans to our ganache, this is paired with a deep, dark chocolate.

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Cherry Cordial

An absolute staple. These cordials take a few days to set up so it is truly a labor of love for us. Fondant and cherries meld beautifully within its outer shell, forming a gooey, liquified center.

Key Lime Truffle


Our Key Lime Truffles beautifully emulate the experience of biting into a freshly baked key lime pie! From fresh key lime juice and creme, to crunchy graham crackers, every component has been thoughtfully conceived to satisfy your key lime cravings!

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Dirty Snowball


These bite-sized delights are filled with a soft cookies and creme filling and enveloped with white chocolate.

Mint Cookie Truffle


Cookies and cream infused with peppermint provide a refreshing spin on our Dirty Snowball filling.

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Confetti Cake Truffle

Sometimes you need a break from your taxing life, sometimes you need to kick back know... live a little. This truffle is much like a cake pop, once you bite into this fun treat your mouth will be greeted with a perfectly moist vanilla cupcake filling. Also it has sprinkles. Need we say more?

Classic Ganache


Extra dark chocolate and fresh cremé are expertly blended in this sinful delight, and the result is show-stopping. Let us indulge you.

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