Roswell Chocolate Company and Your Privacy

The founders and creators at Roswell Chocolate Company hold a fundamental belief in the privacy of our customers.

We do maintain a copy of your orders, reviews, and emails. These items are not available in an online form and are archived only to allow us to fulfill your order and resolve issues resulting from errors or problems in shipping or billing.

Specifically, your order or wholesale request contains:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your shipping address
  • Your billing address (if provided)
  • Your phone number (if provided)
  • Your email address

We do not sell or distribute information about our customers beyond what is required to process payments and fulfill the order in-house. Any changes to the information stored with your order can be amended prior to shipping by sending us an email or by phone. Contact information is available on our website at the bottom of this page and the home page.

We do not allow any third party to collect information on you.

We do not maintain a mailing list or other contrivance to allow us to force our customers to notice us. We expect our customers to proactively interact with our website, Facebook page, or Instagram in order to receive the latest information from our company.

We do not store cookies or other tokens on your system. We do not track you. If your browser sends us a "Do Not Track" request, we will simply continue to not track you.

We do use the capabilities of the browser to maintain your shopping cart information for your current session. However, none of the sensitive information provided during checkout is stored on our system or on your browser. Our payment processor (Stripe) goes to great lengths to assure this information is as transient as possible.

We do make one time offers to our customers on the website that may result in an email being sent at the request of the customer. We do not send out unsolicited emails.

We do not believe information about our customers is a resource to be exploited.

We believe there is more than enough exploitation in the world.

We trust our customers. We hope our customers come to trust us.

Amended October 2019. If you would like to be notified of changes to our privacy policy, please send us an email request.